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This game involves themes of gambling beyond those typically found in tabletop roleplaying games. Please be aware of this before downloading. If you are morally opposed to gambling or have had issues with responsible gambling in the past, strongly reconsider buying this game, for your own health.

Created as part of the Your Move Jam, Craptastic Adventure is an experimental roleplaying game combining Powered by the Apocalypse design philosophy with the rolling mechanic from the classic casino table game craps, used to fuel the only move in the game. In it, you'll encounter complications baring you from your goal that keep building and building, likely to the point of ridiculousness. Please don't try to tell a serious game with this system... though if you do, let me know how it went!

This game is meant to be played in a single session, with no mechanics included for character advancement or long-term story. It involves basic arithmetic as you track resources and deal with the probabilities of upcoming rolls. The single move found in the game is about as complicated as... well, the rules for craps, if you took out all of the side bets you could make.

Cover image modified from a photo by Jonathan Petersson (@grizzlybear) on Unsplash.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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